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Ultrella Natural Deodorant

Ultrella Natural Deodorant is different to other natural deodorants because it ticks so many boxes. It's easy to use, it’s good for you and your body, it’s cute, it’s discreet and you can trust it because it most definitely works.

We heard time and time again that you wanted to use natural products, but you were nervous of using a natural deo because you didn’t know if they really worked. Well, hello! One of the key ingredients in Ultrella Natural Deodorant has been found to reduce perspiration by 36%. It’s a game changer!

IBR-Snowflake is the active ingredient in our products that has been found to reduce sweating. It’s naturally-derived from the bulb of the summer snowflake flower. IBR-Snowflake is a plant extract that is considered to be a natural alternative to Botox. Did you know that people with heavy sweating issues sometimes inject Botox into their armpits to stop sweating? The clever people who produce the ingredient thought that sounded far too painful so they conducted clinical trials and found that after7 days of twice daily application, perspiration levels were reduced by an average of 36% across the trial group. Remember, every body is different so results may differ between people.

A deodorant reduces body odour. An antiperspirant reduces sweat.

NO. NO. NO. We’ve resorted to SHOUTYCAPITALS because here at Ultrella, we’re definitely in the anti-antiperspirant camp.

Antiperspirants use ingredients like aluminium and other chemicals like propylene glycol to stop your body from sweating. They work by temporarily plugging up the sweat glands in your armpits. Sweating is avital bodily function, but we get that you want to feel on top of your day, that’s why we created Ultrella Natural Deodorant.

Apart from being a favourite name with the Moore and Lovato families, the word demi also means ‘half’ or ‘partial’. It’s a concept that’s just starting to gain traction and we are super proud to be at the forefront. Antiperspirants stop sweating, natural deodorants mop up sweat. Demi-perspirants reduce sweating. FYI: our packaging still says Natural Deodorant because it’s such a new concept we didn’t want to confuse people.

All you need is a fingertip. It’s as simple as that. You control how much you squeeze out of the pouch and gently massage it into your armpits. It feels silky smooth as it goes on and dries in a flash. We promise, hand on heart, that it’s really easy. It might feel a little weird to begin with but you’ll get the hang of it after a couple of days. It’s another way to be kind to yourself. Think of it as a daily massage.

Ultrella Natural Deodorant contains an ingredient called IBR-Snowflake®. It’s a plant extract that is considered to be a natural alternative to Botox. Did you know that people with heavy sweating issues sometimes inject Botox into their armpits to stop sweating? The clever people who produce the ingredient thought that sounded far too painful so they conducted clinical trials and found that after 7 days of twice daily application, perspiration levels were reduced by an average of 36% across the trial group. Remember, every body is different so results may differ between people.

Believe it or not, this is the question we get asked most often. The simple answer is yes, you could put it on your forehead, back or chest!

You’re right, bees seek out the flowers of the Mānuka tree to make their honey, but you can also use the leaves and twigs of the tree to make an essential oil which is has incredible super properties that can help keep our armpits health whilst at the same time is gentle on the skin. This makes it perfect for a deodorant ingredient. What's more it’s got a refreshing herbaceous aroma, and when we blend it with Palma rosa and Geranium essential oils it smells AMAZING.

Sweat and body odour

Yes!!! Definitely. If heavy sweating is a thing for you, then we’ve got your back. Or should that be your pits?! If this sounds like you, we recommend Ultrella Natural Deodorant. It contains IBR-Snowflake®, which has been proven to reduce sweating by 36%. Alternatively, you can layer Ultrella Natural Deodorant and Ultrella Body Spray for extra security.

At Ultrella, we know from personal experience that having sensitive skin can make deodorant wearing a tricky business. We’ve tested our products on people with super sensitive skin and had great results, but as you know, every body is different, so please patch test before commencing use.

Ultrella products are perfect, whether you’re 8 or 108.

No we don’t. Lots (and we mean most) natural deodorant companies use baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda) in their products. It’s a really effective deodoriser but it’s also very alkaline, and over time it damages the acid mantle (the protective layer) of your skin. It explains why so many people are fine when they start using a natural deo, but then start to react after a couple of weeks. It’s their body’s way of saying they don’t like the B.S. Instead of Baking Soda, we’ve searched the planet for the best, the cleanest and the most effective ingredients, that are skin friendly at the same time.

Yes, Ultrella products are great for travelling. You’ll notice that our products are 100ml or less, so you can take them in your hand luggage when you’re flying. FYI, Ultrella Body Spray is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re on the move.

Shipping and general

We offer next day dispatch. In general we find that orders are taking between 2-5 days to reach NZ addresses.
For Intl orders, it is taking longer for orders to arrive than pre-covid. We use tracked services, so you can track your parcel's progress.

Our courier company is really great, but sometimes parcels go missing or take longer than expected to arrive.

The first thing to do is check your confirmation email for your tracking details. You can follow your parcel's progress from there.

You can also call your local courier depot for an update. Then, please get us involved so we can help things along.

We are proud to design and make our products here in New Zealand. Our head office is in sunny Hawke's Bay and our production base is in Auckland.

Yes, we send deodorants around world. Please see our shipping page for more info. If your country is not on the list, please email us at and we can help you out.

CalmPits detox armpit mask

If you’re new to using natural deodorant or have been using an antiperspirant for years, sensitive armpit skin or been indulging in heavy foods/lots of cocktails then you might benefit from an armpit detox mask

I mean, why settle for armpits, when you can have CalmPits? When you transition from using an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, many people report that they experience irritation, B.O. and/or heavy sweating. When you think about it, it makes sense, if your body hasn’t been allowed to sweat naturally, it’s going to take a bit of time (up to two weeks in some cases) to get the hang of it again. Also, here at Ultrella, we wanted to create an Armpit Detox Mask that helped our friends with sensitive skin. We’ve used super soothing ingredients like rose oil, aloe vera, hemp and kawakawa to create a mask that will sooth, support and strengthen delicate skin.

Spread a thin layer across each armpit, leave for 10 minutes and wash off in the shower or bath. Use every day for seven days for best results. For external use only. Discontinue if rash or irritation occurs; do not use on broken skin.

When you’re making the transition to a natural deodorant, we recommend using CalmPits Detox Mask every day for 7 days. Spread a thin layer over the whole armpit area, leave for 10 minutes then wash off in the bath or shower. Otherwise use whenever your system needs a cleansing boost.

Armpit discoloration or darkening is a situation that lots of our customers find themselves dealing with. We’ve included Grape Seed Oil in CalmPits Detox Mask to help deal with this issue. The natural alpha-hydroxy compound present in grapes helps the skin rejuvenation process. It not only fades darkness in underarms it also makes armpits fair and fine. Remember, every body is different so results may differ between people.

Ultrella Body spray

Yes, it is for your whole body. You can stay traditional and spray it on your armpits as a deodorant, or you can go crazy and spray it from your neck to your toes for all body freshness.


Great question! We agonised over our packaging choices (as in lost sleep over them). We want to be completely honest with you: Ultrella pouches are made from virgin plastic. This is recyclable but not compostable. Our goal is to move to a more sustainable option. Every pouch we sell brings us closer to this goal. We have to be a big player for the big packaging companies to sit up and take notice of us. Ultrella spray bottles are made from recycled PET (rPET). We are really proud to say they’re made in a carbon neutral factory. If you take a good look at them, you’ll notice they’re light grey rather than white. That’s because of the 100% recycled content. We love the fact they’re not perfect and we hope you do too.

We love animals too and we promise we will never, ever, ever test on animals. We only use human guinea pigs.

Originally our deodorants came in glass jars with plastic lids. The glass was obviously recyclable and reusable, but calls to our lid supplier and our lid supplier’s supplier revealed that the lids, made of ABS plastic code (7), had no recycling stream here in NZ. That left us feeling rubbish (literally) and we committed to finding an alternative.

Using plastic pouches might not seem like an obvious choice but we love them because they come to us flat so we can fit masses into every shipping carton. And because they weigh a fraction of the glass jars, we’re making huge carbon savings all the way through our logistics network – from production, to our manufacturing base and all the way through to the ‘last mile’ courier journey to your place. What’s more, because they’re pre-printed, we don’t have to worry about labels for them. Also, we no longer require additional protective packaging to prevent glass breakages.

In the spirit of trust and transparency, we want you to know that our current deodorant pouches are not compostable or biodegradable. We’re working on this.

At first, our plan was to move to a compostable material, however our formulations have a three year life span, and at the moment, there is no compostable film that can hold a liquid for that length of time. So we've gone back to the drawing board and have been researching more options.

Every pouch you buy from us brings us closer and closer to our goal of moving to a more sustainable option.

At the moment, we’re small and mighty, but we need to be big and mighty, with a cheque book to match, for the big packaging companies to do business with us.

Rest assured, we’ve done our research and our current pouches are completely recyclable. 

We don’t want a single pouch going to landfill. So we’ve made it easy for you to recycle your pouches. You can either return it to the store where you bought it and we’ll collect it from there OR you can join our Recycling programme – we've set up our own recycling scheme to make it easy for you no matter where you are in the country. Please see the information below and join our Recycling Crew.

We've set up our own recycling scheme to make it easy for you no matter where you are in the country. Once you’ve finished up 5 pouches, take a photo of them and email us at We will then post you out a prepaid courier satchel/bag with our address on it.

You drop the courier parcel into your local Post Office or Post Box and they deliver it to us back at base. Easy peasy.

Thanks so much for your support with this initiative!

If you live out of NZ, please check your local Soft Plastics Recycling programme or check with Terracycle to see what initiatives they are running in your area.

Our Body Spray bottles are made from rPET –recycled PET plastic. What’s more, they’re produced in a carbon neutral facility. We’re so, so proud of this. You might have noticed that they’re not completely white, more like a soft grey. It’s hard to achieve a perfect white when recycled plastic is being used. To be honest, we love that they’re not perfect and even more, we love that we’re helping to close the plastic loop.

Our bottles are PET – recycling code (1).They can be recycled through your local roadside collection.

Yes, they are. We’re really impressed by the Better Packaging Co and their commitment to the Circular Economy. We choose to use their home-compostable courier bags. These are made from corn with a man-made binding agent added for flexibility.

If you don’t compost at home, a quick google search will put you in touch with local composters.