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You deserve to stand out for all the right reasons

• To feel A-MAZING

• To make every day a PB kind of day (as in personal best, not peanut butter, but you do you!)

• To live life on your terms

• To always feel like someone's got your back (and your pits!)

You shouldn't be distracted by worrying about sweat and body odour.

Hi, I'm Mel. Founder of Ultrella

I used to be held back by little body bothers that felt anything but little. They felt like they were taking over my world. By getting rid of these little, but all-consuming niggles, I had a better shot at making the most of my days.

When I was training for a 100km charity walk in the middle of a stinking-hot Hawke’s Bay summer I ended up making my own natural deodorant because I didn’t want to be the smelly one on the team.

I didn’t want to use a chemical-filled deodorant or antiperspirant. But I had to use it because I couldn’t find another natural product that worked. 

So I started making my own. I couldn’t use baking soda (one of the most common ingredients in natural deodorants) because it was so harsh on my skin. 

I’ve been making natural deodorants since 2017. Over the years I started sharing it with others, who loved it. In 2019 I took my idea of natural deodorant and won a Callaghan Innovation Research and Development grant. This enabled me to approach a hot-shot product formulator. 

“I want to develop the best natural deodorant possible” is what I challenged her to help me with.

But we did more than that. We made a natural deodorant that also reduces sweat. Usually, you have to choose between either deodorant or antiperspirant. 

We made it possible for you to have both in one product, without chemicals that get under your skin. 

Ultrella natural deodorant uses naturally-derived ingredients that control body odour and reduce sweating by 1/3.

During our research we also realised that when you transfer from using an antiperspirant to a natural option, your armpits can turn a bit crazy.

Your body has to get used to sweating again, so it sweats more, smells more and can make your skin irritated. But it’s not the fault of the natural deodorant or antiperspirant. Think of it like your armpits going cold turkey. Things get worse before they get better.

In our quest to take care of the little body bothers, so you can get on with just plain making the most of your days, we then developed CalmPits – a natural detox mask for your armpits. 

Using it just like a clay face mask, CalmPits draws out the impurities that years of using antiperspirant chemicals on your armpits have left, reducing the sweats, smells and itches that may happen as you transition to using Ultrella.