Hey You!

You’re looking fabulous, you’re feeling great, you’re smashing life – well done. We know confidence is a hard thing to bottle. But we also know that when life’s little niggles and nags are taken care of, the big things often take care of themselves, and life is easier to navigate. Stuff like sweat, B.O. or just feeling less than fresh. They’re a real grind, right? We’re here to help.

Say hello to Ultrella. Our ode to the power of positivity. Your wing woman for life.

We’re passionate about creating simple, effective body products that make a big difference to your day. We aim to help, ease, enhance and delight. Finding ways to combat body bothers just isn’t enough. Natural ingredients, mindful production and packaging, and products that actually WORK are really important to us.

Helping you stay on top of your game is what we’re all about. Join us. Give Ultrella a whirl and get your day underway.

Here's what we promise to you:

To put you at the heart of all we do

At Ultrella, we promise that we've got your back. You're the reason we're here, it's that simple.

To shake up your daily routine

Ultrella turns routines into rituals. Our products make your day brighter and your load lighter.

To delight you with dynamic, out-of-the-box products

You ask, we listen, then we make the products you tell us you need in your life. We create problem solving products that make a big difference to your day.

To make it easy to feel good about your choices

At Ultrella, we choose clean ingredients and mindful products and packaging. We believe ‘giving feels good’ and donate to the charities that matter to you.

To help you feel at the top of your game, always 

That’s right, we think you’re perfect just as you are. Ultrella is just here to remove the little worries that can derail your day.

Hi, it’s me Mel, the who behind the U

I think most of us struggle with self confidence and self belief at times. I know I have. And I know how much better you feel and how much more you can accomplish when you feel good about yourself. Starting Ultrella has really helped me and I hope it makes a difference to others too.

Making natural deodorants started out as a passion project for me. I started small, but as my confidence grew, I found my business blossomed too. Over time I found I had all these ideas for new products brewing in my head.

Then one day, I was introduced to a hot-shot product formulator. She could navigate her way through the world of clean versus toxic ingredients and pronounce long chemical names as easily as ordering a coffee. Suddenly I had someone who could help me bring my pipe-dream ideas to life.

Realising we were up against the big guns, I applied for an R&D grant - and won it. Yasss! We set to work, searching the planet for the best, cleanest and most innovative ingredients we could get our hands on. After months of planning, testing, tweaking and more testing, I finally had a carefully curated line of body care products on my hands.

I started out wanting to create something to make everyday problems easier for me and my friends. That’s what I continue to do today. If I can have some fun creating beautiful, inspiring products at the same time, even better. 

Mel Lewis x