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What is IBR-Snowflake®& why we use it in our deodorants

Who knows that feeling? You’re about to go into a big meeting at work or stand up in front of the class to do a presentation. Suddenly your heart starts to beat that little bit faster, you feel butterflies in your tummy and then you realise you’re sweating more than normal. If that sounds familiar, then rest assured, you’re not alone.

Sweating is a vital body function. Our bodies do it when we’re hot, when we’ve been exercising and just like it was described above, when we’re stressed or nervous.

In the past, there have been two options. An antiperspirant product that uses aluminium to temporarily stop sweating or a traditional natural deodorant that uses plant and mineral powders to mop up sweat sitting on the skin. We all know that antiperspirants aren’t the way to go, but when you lead a busy, active (and sometimes stressful) life you deserve a natural alternative that you can rely on.

And that’s how Ultrella came to be. Having been to one too many sweaty meetings, we wanted to create a natural deodorant that could hold its own against the chemical products out there. But to achieve these kinds of results required some innovative ingredients. 

B is for Botox 

You’ve probably heard of Botox being used to relax facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But did you know that people with hyperhidrosis, that is to say issues with heavy sweating, inject Botox into their armpits? Even Chrissy Teigen is a fan - check out the video below. Ouch!

To get all technical for a moment, Botox works by temporarily inhibiting the release of acetylcholine (the chief neurotransmitter of the parasympathetic nervous system), preventing the hyperstimulation of eccrine sweat glands that in turn leads to excessive sweating. 

A Natural Botox... 

So when Stacey, our Product Formulator, heard about a plant that acted like Botox, we were intrigued. The bulb of the summer snowflake flower contains alkaloid secondary metabolites, which also sounds very technical, but just means that over time the plant has developed a bitter taste to make it unappealing to plant-eating animals. And she knew that some alkaloids are known to have muscle relaxant properties, just like a certain popular injectable. Boom. It was game on. 

Testing, testing

To prove that it worked as well as they hoped, the manufacturers conducted tests with volunteers using a cream containing the plant extract.

* To make it as trustworthy as possible, they ran a double blind and intra-individual study.
* The participants were all female and aged between 21-46 (average age 30)
* All presented with strong armpit perspiration
* Snowflake cream was applied to the armpit area twice daily for one week
* The participants would hold cotton balls under their armpits for a standardised period of time under standardised conditions (temperature and humidity)
* The cotton balls were weighed before and afterwards to show the amount of sweat released

The researchers found that after seven days of this protocol, across the participants there was an average reduction in sweat of 36%, that’s more than a THIRD LESS SWEAT. We were so impressed with these results that we started incorporating this ingredient into our testing.  

Thumbs up from our human guinea pigs  

This was backed up the response from the human guinea pigs who tested our first test batches for us. Here are some of the comments we’ve had back since then:

“This product is genuinely brilliant. I am so impressed. It’s been hot and I have been known to be a sceptic. But seriously, Ultrella’s Sunshine Lime is the best thing I’ve ever used and has seen me through all three of these afflictions. I’ve had a terrible experience with a natural deodorant in the past – it turned out I was allergic to the baking soda component which isn’t uncommon but it left me gun-shy about trying something new. No baking soda in this baby – keep it for your banana bread people. This new kid on the pit block is a total winner. Highly, highly recommend.” Robyn

“This is my favourite new product I've discovered this year. Once I used the 'mask' my results were amazing! I love the aroma of the body deodorant spray - it's lovely to use to freshen up. I love how these products do not stain my clothes like many others do. I can honestly say this is the best natural deodorant that I have used and I've tried so many over the years!” Kirsty

“I’ve been using the Vanilla Bean, and in all honesty it is my favourite natural deodorant I’ve used. It works well when I play sports, or when I’m hot and sweaty and breastfeeding. Congratulations and thank you.“ ~ Makuini

How about you? 

Have you tried one of the Natural Deodorants in the range? It would be great to hear how you’ve gone with it.